Sweet Dreams Body, Room and Linen Spray







A therapeutic blend of potent essential oils designed to calm, ease  and promote a restful sleep.  Spritz on yourself (décolletage, chest and/or pulse points such as writs and temples), on your pillow case and sheets or simply in the air around your bedroom.  Many clients attest that this blend combats insomnia and helps them blissfully drift away.

Choice oils include:

Clary Sage-helps to ground a scattered mind and overthinking

Chamomile (Roman)-Relieves impatience and restlessness; sedative

Lavender– calming; alleviates stress and helps to unwind

Bergamot-calmative, eases tensions, gently uplifts your state of mind

Our Body/Room and Linen Spray is unlike others you may have tried before.

Most sprays are alcohol based and loose their fragrance quickly into the air and off you when sprayed.

This multipurpose Body/Room and Linen Spray is alcohol free and uses a base which is well-absorbed by the skin allowing your signature scent to linger throughout the day. Aerosol free, these pumps are better for the environment and the 100ml comes in a beautiful and recyclable blue glass bottle to last you a long while.


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