Create your own unique blend

At Scents of Peace we understand that scents are personal and provide you a special opportunity to create your unique signature scent.

We offer both pure therapeutic grade essential oils (natural medicines) and fragrance oils, where the field of science has developed fragrances never before thought possible.


This way we are able to blend oils to make any scent you desire, obtainable. Your unique scent is hand blended into the product of your choice allowing you to experience aromatherapy everyday.


Create your very own special blend below.

Instructions to create your customised scent blend:

STEP 1: Select between one to three essential or fragrance oils to be blended. Place your cursor over the oil names for a description, therapeutic properties and suggestions on which oils blend well with others. ***If you desire a therapeutic effect, only select pure Essential Oils to be blended.

STEP 2: Select the product your customised scent will be blended for. Enter the quantity desired for each item next to the product field.

STEP 3: Personalise it! If your customised blend is a gift (or even a treat for yourself) follow the instructions to add a name to the label to truly personalise your item.

STEP 4: Complete shipping details. Please note that unless otherwise specified, we will contact you via email.

STEP 5: After reviewing your details, select the “Submit” button at the bottom of this page. You will receive a no obligation quote for your customised aromatherapy product via email.

STEP 6: Your customised aromatherapy product will be lovingly handmade just for You!

Note: All customised scent blends will be tested prior to design to ensure harmonious blending.