Kōanga Room and Linen Spray







Kōanga was inspired by a special nature tramp in early Spring where the forest was lush with its freshness, waterfalls, cooling air and the rich energy of life springing back from its dormant rest.
Kōanga (meaning 'to be spring') is not your typical floral scent typically associated with Spring. Kōanga captures the heady crispness of early spring, a still-cool time of the year.  The scent is sharp, slightly woody, dewy and clean smelling.  Blended with Juniper Berry, Bulgarian Lavender and hints of Peppermint, it is very fresh and oh-so-clean smelling.

Use Room and Linen Sprays in the home, office, car, kitchen and bathroom for a burst of refreshing and cleansing fragrance anytime. Can be used on Linen such as sheets and pillow cases as well as soft furnishings (pet areas, blankets, curtains, etc.) A patch test is recommended. 


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