Diffuser Oils



Essential oil Diffuser Oils are a concentrated therapeutic blend of quality essential oils.  These can be used in anytime of aromatherapy diffusers, added to the bath, diluted into massage oils and lotions or dropped on pillow cases, face cloths or tissue for direct inhalation. 

These 10 milliliter blends are meant to be used sparingly as they are highly concentrated.  Choose from one of our popular scent blend concentrates below or allow us to create you a personal blend tailored for your specific desire.  

Grounding: Earthy Cedarwood essential oil is associated with the root chakra, soothes and reduces anxiety is blended with mood-enhancing Clary Sage, calming the spirit and provides a clearing effect on stagnant energy and emotions.

Uplift: harmonic blend of two potent essential oils: Ylang-ylang and Bergamot. Ylang-ylang corresponds to the heart chakra, and increases love, empathy and intimacy whilst dispelling melancholy and negative emotions. This is blended with beautiful Bergamot - a mood-enhancer, with a calming and clearing effect on stagnant energy and emotions. Uplift is the perfect antidote to a busy (stressful) holiday season and makes a lovely gift as well.