Lunasa Love

  • 19 May 2022
  • Darcy Liddell

I’m still brushing the hippie out of my  hair as I continue integrating into “normal” life after a week of camping and trading at the eco-inspired, knowledge sharing and music festival, Lunasa.  This was my third experience as an attendee and first experiencing trading in the Market Village.  As previous times have done, the experience allowed me to pause and take a wider lens view of life, both my own and us as a society.

The majestic environment where Lunasa is held in Pikikirunga, Cannan Downs, has a steep history in land and sea resources and a particularly spiritual significance, for manawhenua.   A local kaitiaki I had the pleasure to meet told me the schist rock and quartz naturally occurring in the area is powerful portal to the Māori underworld and is highly energetically charged.  For me, this is physically felt.

The sense of community at Lunasa left me with the deep desire that everyday life is more the same, that we live intentionally, with care and kindness to one another, acknowledging our connectedness, because we simply are.   At Lunasa, we gave hugs instead of handshakes; the workshops and knowledge exchange cultivated space and time for connected conversations with new friends.  The slowing of time without clocks or power, and living more primal while camping, allowed us to be still and appreciate sacred Papatūānuku, our Earth Mother.

Having our signature burgundy gazebo gave shelter and a welcoming forum to share Scents of Peace.  We had so many heartfelt connections with this beautiful community.

Scent wise, Autumn Whisper with its deep, woodsy Sandalwood and earthy tones of Vetiver was by far the most popular scent.  So much so that we sold out on the 2nd day and I raced back to the lab to create more!

The featured scent was Lunasa Libations, a tribute to the fest, a refreshing blend of Lavender, Pink Grapefruit and Mandarin.  The sun-drenched festival goers enjoyed being spritzed with this in an Aura Mist, designed as a cooling spray, much needed after being in the piercing hot sun in the mid

dle of a mountain.  My crew and I also provided Lunasa Libations scented cooling towelettes that were appreciated on steamy necks and foreheads.

I loved practicing Indian Head Massage on clients outside in our natural environment during the festival, making this an even more enhanced experience.  I’m already thinking I’ll be able to offer inside and outside treatments at my home studio/shop.

Lunasa was a fruitful in so many ways-the highlight was seeing the joy in the eyes of those loving our Scents, the beautiful connections made, the some possible collaboration with different modality therapists (watch this space!) and personally, self-growth.

I look forward to the next gathering.  For now, may the wairua of Lunasa inspire each of us to live more connected and intentional every day.

Aroha nui and always…

Peace x

Photo Credit of Scents of Peace stall: ©Ingetje Tadros at

Photo Credit of Fire: Federico Pagola, Luminate Photographer

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