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The Primordial Blend, Oregon Dreams

The primordial blend, Oregon Dreams

Kia ora koutou and happy Friday!  In town this sunny afternoon, I called into the local produce shop.  Feeling the Fabulous Friday vibes, I was chatting with the lovely lady behind the counter.  After juggling my loose kumara to fish out loose change from my bag, she said not to worry about it and commented she liked my perfume, saying it was “sweet and soft”.  🙂 Always an instant connect with a stranger, it was Oregon Dreams Body Spray that I was wearing.

Oregon Dreams is best described as refined, yet subtle, and is an intoxicating blend of White Ginger, Amber & a hint of Vanilla oils.  Of all my scent blends, Oregon Dreams will hold a special place in my heart.  Over 11 years ago I first created this alluring blend.  The idea was borne from visit to Eugene, Oregon, USA where I met the lovely Glenda and Cher, who introduced me to their Body Therapy / Health store.  To this day, that shop is clear in my memory where large vats of different oils and fragrances sat behind a “bar” for customers to live, custom-blend their desired perfumes and other creations.   (Yes please!!)

Check out Oregon Dreams, a cult-classic since way back (and other exclusive scent blends) here.

Enjoy your weekend, whanau.

Peace x

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