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Stop The Spread Of Flu And Cold Bugs!

Stop the spread of flu and cold bugs!

My darling husband came down with a nasty flu virus this week-so much that he even missed work for two days, which is a rarity.  Even with all the sneezing, hacking and nastiness that comes from someone with the flu, the rest of us were protected thanks to the powerful Disinfectant Spray.  A potent blend of therapeutic essential oils featuring White Thyme, known for its antimicrobial and infection fighting properties and Lemon, which is a purifying tonic, with its own powerful ability to fight bacteria.

The Disinfectant Spray is best used by not only by spraying on hard surfaces, including door handles (including the fridge!) but also misted into the air to help kill germs and other nasties.  You will be left with not only clean smelling but also a truly cleansed, environment.  In addition to the powerfully natural Cold Killer Vapor Rub and Cold Killer Concentrate Essential Oil blend, add the Lemon and Thyme Disinfectant Spray into your winter defense tool kit!

Peace x

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