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Spotlight On: Jasmine Essential Oil

Spotlight on: Jasmine Essential Oil

Kia ora whanau, this very chilled Sunday morning I’m writing up essential oil profiles for a customised order.  One of the requested oils for the blend is Jasmine (Jasminum grandflorum) and I thought I’d share some little known facts about this alluring oil:

  • Jasmine is a popular flower associated with love and romance.  It is recommended for planting in moon gardens (where lovers meet under the moonlight, of course)
  • Jasmine is used medicinally in China, India and Arabia
    • Jasmine has been used for liver disease (hepatitis), liver pain due to cirrhosis, and abdominal pain due to severe diarrhea (dysentery). It is also used to cause relaxation (as a sedative), to heighten sexual desire (as an aphrodisiac), and in cancer treatment.
  • The delicate flowers must be picked before the sun rises
  • An experienced picker (talk about dream job!) can collect between 10,000 and 15,000 blossoms per day!
  • In Indian culture, jasmine flowers are strung together as scented garlands for VIP guests
  • Jasmine gets its name from the Persian word “Yasmin”

If you have any questions about Jasmine essential oil or any aromatherapy questions in general, you know I’d love to hear from you.

Darcy x

Attribution: The majority of this information is from my personal bible on essential oils that I’ve had for many many years, “Essential Aromatherapy” by Susan Worwood and Valerie Ann Worwood.  The detailed information on medicinal use of Jasmine is from e-medicine health which you can read more about here.



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