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Celebrate Autumn With Autumn Whisper

Celebrate Autumn with Autumn Whisper

Before it comes to a close, lets take a moment and honor the colorful season of Autumn.

I was fortunate to capture the look of fall, this video shows leaves propelled by wisps of wind (now aka Autumn Rain) and playing with, and like, children by piling and throwing crunchy leaves at oneanother.

Autumn Whisper, one of our exclusive blends, captures the scent of this season.  Blended with deep, woodsy Sandalwood essential oil and grounded with the earthy tones of Vetiver, this sexy musk blend will compliment both men and women who wear it as a Body Spray and also can create a smooth ambiance used as a Room and Linen Spray.

Join us in celebrating this season- receive a 100ml Autumn Whisper Body, Room and Linen Sprays for 20% off the standard price of $32.00, for a limited time.  This sale will end when the season does, 1 June. Use promo code “loveAutum” at checkout.  


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