Testimonials for Scents of Peace

"I love Scent of Peace, Darcy is truly in love with what she does making her products something to die for! She puts in so much times and energy making sure that all of her products are perfect.

I trust the products because Darcy would not put anything out that she didn't personally test out herself - she spends a lot of time creating scents and that is why I use her products. Thanks for everything I use it everyday!!"

Molly, Syracause

"I love your products!"
Koren, Hamilton

"It's amazing the power scents can have over your senses.

One sniff of Oregon Dreams and I was instantly transported back to a beach in Egypt 6 years earlier, smelling a mixture of the fresh breeze off the sea, the aroma of chocolate pancakes from my favourite stall and the sweet perfumes of the local bazaar, where a man with teeth as white as his turban would rub droplets on to your wrist from beautiful glass bottles, then insist "very good quality, very good price!" with a huge grin.

The picture was so clear it was startling, and I couldn't help but order Reed Diffusers from Darcy, a very smiley and enthusiastic lady, so that my entire home could remind of that moment.

I would recommend "Scents of Peace" to anyone in search of a personal and memorable scent, crafted by someone with knowledge and passion for their work."

"When I returned from holiday recently my hands looked and felt like a reptile shedding his/her skin!

They were just awful. I have always had trouble with dry hands but this was something else!

Keen to give anything a go, I purchased Oregon Dreams organic lotion.

Well, the results have been nothing short of miraculous…
within three days I noticed my hands felt much softer and the ‘scaling’ was reducing.

Within a week my hands looked and felt wonderful, with only a very small trace of the largest bit of scaling left.

My hands have never felt better and I will continue to use this product for the foreseeable future.

Thank you Scents of Peace for introducing this product to me."

Chris, Alexandra NZ