Scents Of Peace Exclusive Scent Blends

Welcome to the world of harmonious fragrance. Through detailed experimentation and pure creativity we have developed the following gorgeous scent blends for your pleasure. Refer to the Essential & Fragrance Oils table for a complete description of specific oils.

If you have trouble deciding on your favourite, try customised aromatherapy and design your personal scent blend.

Discover your favourite scent blend then choose the body care products or home pleasures items you’d like this scent blended for. We are happy to provide samples of each of the scent blends below please contact us for more information on scent samples.

Give Monday mornings a kick with this zingy symbiosis of stimulating, detoxifying & cleansing essential oils. Guaranteed to invigorate your senses!

Autumn Whisper
Deep woodsy, Sandalwood is intensified but grounded with the earthy tones of Vetiver. This sexy musk blend will complement both men and women.

Bamboo & Green Tea
The soft & clean scent of bamboo gently blended with the herbal aroma of green tea creates a delicate fragrance that will leave you feeling truly enlightened.

Citrus Basil
The bright scent of Lemon is rounded with the earthy green of basil.  A warming blend with an herbaceous tone

Coconut Lime Verbena
Coconut, luscious Lime & aromatic Verbena. This light & breezy scent is reminiscent of tropical summer days at the beach.

Cucumber & Spearmint
The crisp scent of Cucumber blends harmoniously with the cool kick of Spearmint essential oil in this fresh & subtle fragrance.

Stimulate your senses with this uplifting blend of Lemongrass, Neroli, Jasmine & Bergamot essential oils designed to elevate your mood & reenergize your spirit.

Fresh Linen
A crisp and clean blend of rain and floral notes. An ideal Room and Linen Spray scent blend, this is a very versatile scent to be used in any room and appealing to all.

A synergistic blend of Pink Grapefruit, Ylang-Ylang & Jasmine essential oils, this blend will invoke feelings of true contentment. Use liberally & share your Happiness with others!

Heaven Scent
An unusual blend of soft florals with more masculine musk notes. A sultry favourite for both men & women!

In Bloom
The detoxification properties of sweet Pink Grapefruit is delicately balanced here with the calmative properties of floral Ylang-ylang. This is an uplifting and calming blend designed to soothe and refocus your energy.

A scrumptious & tangy blend of Mandarin, Orange & creamy Vanilla oils. A delectable combination that invokes memories of young summer love.

Oriental Earth
Lavender’s fresh, light fragrance meets the earthy tones of Patchouli in this invigorating blend designed to uplift and renew your state of mind.

Oregon Dreams
Refined, yet subtle, this intoxicating blend of White Ginger, Amber & a hint of Vanilla creates the sweetest of Oregon Dreams.

Pink Peppermint
The sweet, candy-like scent of Pink Sugar is stimulated with the cool punch of Peppermint essential oil in this playful blend. It will tempt more than your taste buds….

Raspberry Patchouli
Deep earthy & musk notes of Patchouli blended with sweet ripe raspberry. A woodsy quality scent with a sweet finish. Some say this smells like the Red Bull drink.

Rekindled Love
Heady & exotic these choice aphrodisiac essential oils of Damask Rose and pure Sandalwood blend to create an alluring scent. Reignite your romance. Warning: Rekindled flames may turn into wildfire!

Tea Leaf and Jasmine
A beautifully soft combination of light woodsy and fresh green notes.