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Wishing you Peace this Christmas

Hello, friends! Here we are at this very special time of year.  I don't know about you but its hard not to get that warm, excited feeling leading up to the holidays.  Living here in New Zealand we have the added bonus of warmer weather, sunshine, sundresses and get-togethers with friends and family.  Its been a significant year of change both here and abroad, for me personally and professional and for many of my family and friends as well.  We have had large scale natural and political disasters and yesterday's tragic loss of 29 men in Greymouth is catastrophic for the West Coast community.  Our hearts go out to the families and the entire nation as it has affected us all.  The holiday season is a timely reminder that the ultimate gift we have to share with oneanother always is pure loving kindness.  Afterall we are all responsible for co-creating our reality and there is no greater universal message than peace on earth.   It begins with you and me.

Holiday Specials - Our Gift to You

Check out these massive savings and start to cross names off your Christmas shopping list. Prices valid through 17 December 2010 and only while supplies last.   These specials are only available through email to my special clients (you!) and must be received by 17 December to ensure Christmas delivery. 

  • Body/Massage & Burning Oils, 100ml.  Scent blends include: Pain relief, Rekindled Love and Stress Relieving.  Only $17! !
  • Free 50 ml Body Wash* (various scent blends) with all purchases over $50!
  • Aromatherapy Soy Candles, 30 + hours burn time.  Scent blends: Energising or Tranquillity. $15 each or 2 for $27!
  • Buy 2 get 1free lip balms**-perfect stocking stuffers!  Available in Vanilla Mint or Coconut flavours

*We are currently searching for an alternative to our importing process which is more ecofriendly and as a result, this line of this natural, sugar based Body Wash will no longer be available after this season.  This is only until I can perfect my own recipe of natural liquid soaps-body wash and hand soaps in particular.  Recipe tips or scent preferences on these items please email me!

**Please note that I have recently changed the packaging for the lip balms, these now come in an environmentally friendly and recyclable blue plastic pot.

Everyday Aromatherapy Tip:

I recently helped a lovely Australian woman who sat next to me on the plane to calm her flight-fright by sharing my pure Lavender Oil.  As instructed, she deeply inhaled from the vial- with both her nose and mouth- and rubbed some directly on her wrists.  After landing she graciously thanked me and said it really helped to soothe her rattled nerves and eased her upset stomach.  Always carry Lavender Essential Oil with you it is the most versatile oil and can be used to heal in some many ways.

Luminate Festival 2011
I'm so excited to be attending my first ever Luminate Festival in Takaka at the end January 2011.  If you haven't yet heard of this unique event, I highly recommend you have a look at their website:  www.luminatefestival.co.nz. It will be a week long extravaganza of spiritually uplifting, healing and creative events, live music and workshops. Of course I'll have a market stall on the Saturday and possibly Sunday but I'll be engaging many of the events on offer.  I was especially impressed with their Zero Waste policy: all rubbish in you take out, no bins provided.  Much respect!

Thank You from Oxfam

On behalf of Scents of Peace, I recently donated to Oxfam New Zealand as part of our annual contributions to the worthwhile organization.  This year, thanks to your Scents of Peace purchases were able to give essential gifts to help the communities Oxfam works with. I especially loved giving the gift growing Vanilla as its one of our favourite scents!  (Mmmm...Sweet Vanilla Bean-have you tried this scent blend from us yet??)  You helped to:

1)  Feed a family with a nutritional garden -the family will learn organic gardening techniques and receive a range of seeds so they can grow a wide range of vegetables. 
  2)  Grow Vanilla- Vanilla is one of the most valuable spices on the market.  A farmer will be trained to grow and cultivate vanilla vines so will be better able to provide for their family. 

3)  Assemble a family emergency kit.  When a natural disaster or a conflict hits, people often flee their homes with nothing.  A few simple essentials-pots and pans, cups and plates, soap, toothbrushes and toilet rolls, as well as headscarves, sandals, women's underwear and sarongs-help people stay healthy and preserve their dignity.  This is a small gift of comfort in difficult times.

xmas treeFind out more and make a donation at: www.oxfam.org.nz

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and much blessings to all of you and your family/whanau.
As always, we love to hear from you so contact me anytime.

Peace, Darcy x
Creative Director, Scents of Peace