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fall flowers
The Dance of Autumn Flowers

Hello, friends! Hope 2013 is finding each of you well so far.  I've been making the most of this season's new energy and have been very busy in the lab creating some delicious new products for you to try and fall in love with.  I've also been booked at some cool upcoming markets too, such as the Alternative Therapy Festival in May and for my coast friends, please pop into Tai Poutini Polytechnic this Thursday 12-1 to experience some Scents Of Peace.  I'm also looking forward to being involved with the Greymouth Community Market that will meet on Sundays. For those of you who haven't yet visited me on Facebook, please do so you can be alerted of these events. 

New Products, you say??
Many of you have asked for it, and we have delivered...we now have organic and SLS-free hard soap!  I've got to say, I'm traditionally more of a liquid soap kind of girl myself but since making (and of course having to trial these soaps) I've changed my tune.  These soaps are made with organic coconut and palm oils and even though they are SLS-free, are pretty good at lathering, not to mention they smell divine of course! 

Another new product that I've been buzzing about are our Aromatherapy Bath Salts made with Pink Himalayan, Epsom and Rock salts soaked in essential oil.  A few spoonfuls will transform a regular old bath into a blissful therapeutic spa experience.  Did you know that scientists have proven that our bodies actually soaks up the vitamins and minerals in these salts?  Epsom for example is high in magnesium so when taking a bath with these salts you are getting a good dose of magnesium, great for helping to have a good night's sleep and lowering blood pressure.  Bathing in our Aromatherapy Bath Salts will reduce muscular pain, ease tension and will leave you with silky soft skin. 

Lastly, my favourite new product to add to our line, Aura Sprays.  These natural sprays are comprised of powerful key essential oils that are used to change or enhance your inner state of being.  For example, a new scent blend, Wellbeing, is a combination of Jasmine and Neroli essential oils which, combined together, will increase confidence, strengthen spiritual grounding and uplift your entire system.  A client uses this spray in her office after meetings to literally and spiritually clear the air and swears by this blend. 

Everyday Aromatherapy Tip:
Eucalyptus oil is renowned for its virus killing attributes and is the go-to oil for the first sign of colds and flus but did you know Eucalyptus oil is also an excellent degreaser?  Dab a few drops of Eucalyptus on clothes/carpets that have make-up, butter, grease, or even sticky chewing gum stains to pre-treat and remove stains.

New Product Special - 2 for $22*!!
I want you to get (nearly) as excited as our new products as I am.  For the month of April, select any two of our new products for only $22!!  Choose from our organic hard soaps (in Rose, Lavender, or Coconut Lime Verbena), Aromatherapy Bath Salts (in Lavender),  or a 100ml Aura Sprays (in Romantic Rose, Sweet Dreams, Awaken, Happiness, Wellbeing or Clarity blends).   As always, I'm happy to send you a free scent sample prior to purchase to ensure you like the scents-we understand that scents are personal. ;)
*Offer only valid to current Scents of Peace clients by email only and only good while stocks lasts.  Sorry, not available for retailers.

Please remember to visit us at TPP this Thursday at 12 pm.  Mention this newsletter and you will receive a complimentary gift!

As always, I'd love to hear from you so drop me a line if you have questions or comments. Until next time, I wish you all peace.

Darcy xx
Creative Director, Scents of Peace