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May 2013 bring us unity and peace... it's in our hands.
new year
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Happy New Year!
Hello, friends I hope you have enjoyed a fun and relaxing festive season with family and friends and even got to enjoy some "you" time. 2013 is said to be a year of immense transformative change, and I've certainly felt the energy shift since the end of December. The idea is to flow with the winds of change, and harness the increasing energy to embrace new ideas and at the same time, release old concepts that no longer serve us. I encourage you to spend some time journaling what you truly desire for this year and beyond, an excercise that will serve you well now and throughout the year.
Personally, one of my goals for this year is be more involved with Scents Of Peace, now that Aurora is a bit more independent, I'm hoping to have more time to dedicate to trialling and adding new products to our range . I'd also like to attend more markets and festivals to promote Scents and continue to meet friends who share this passion with me. So please let me know if you hear of any markets or other events I should know of!

As part of furthering my personal and professional development, I'm extremely excited to announce that I will be attending Luminate again this year. If you recall from my February 2011 newsletter , this event was incredibly inspiring and I can't wait to get my "aura fluffed" again at this year's gathering. I'm planning to bring samples of our exclusive scent blends for those of you who are also attending the festival. Keep an eye out for the burgundy Scents Of Peace sign out in the camping area from Friday through Sunday at the festival. Another treat this year, I'm staying with my super groovy friend who has a teepee-luxury- so we shouldn't be hard to miss.

January Savings-30% off Body Sprays!!

SSave 30% off 100ml Body Sprays in any of our signature scent range for the month of January. Summer is the perfect time to change up your perfume. Have you tried cooling Cucumber and Spearmint blend or citrusy In Bloom with notes of ylang-ylang and pink grapefruit?    Remember, we can provide scent samples at no charge if you'd like to smell a fragrance before purchasing.
Order exclusively by email before 31 January to take advantage of this special offer!
*Only valid for current Scents of Peace newsletter subscribers. Only good while stocks last. Sorry, not available for retailers.


Refresh and clean with Rosemary
Cleaning the windows in a room that needs freshening up is a fast way of making a big difference. Cut some fresh rosemary herb, simmer in water, cool and strain before spraying the windows. Scrunch up some newspaper and shine up the glass. The sparkling window lets in lots of light and the rosemary helps to freshen the air. You can use any leftover spray as a natural air freshener.

I wish all of you a fulfilling 2013. Till next time,
Peace, Darcy x
Creative Director, Scents of Peace