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autumns fairy

Autumn's Fairy by Anne Stokes

Hello, friends, hope this finds each of you happy and well. I was searching for an image for this edition of the newsletter and found the gorgeous one above. I remember looking for and finding a very similar image this time last year for the April 2011 newsletter. I guess I really love the image of a woman being uplifted, full of joy and contentment. Its the theme and logo of Scents of Peace and I keep getting drawn towards the image in many different ways. I'm so proud of our small company. I started Scents of Peace back in 2007 and have met so many amazing clients and friends since that time. I recently had a market day for the first time in over a year. I had been busy in the lab making up my goodies and organizing my cabinets, table signs etc. for several weeks prior getting ready for the market day. On the big day I was reminded of why we do these events and do all the work, I love talking to people about aromatherapy!  It was a busy full-on day and I really had a blast. While I was setting up, I had Aurora in her capsule by my table. A gentleman was checking out my table as I was putting together my testers and said "Scents of Peace, I guess it works" and nodded over at Aurora who was peacefully asleep despite all the noise and bustle in the room.

cucumber maskTruth Behind Beauty Products and Services
I recently saw this interesting slide show from WebMD that dispels the myths around common beauty products and treatments that I found useful. I'm sure like many of you, I try to keep my life as chemical-free as possible by using natural body products and natural cleaners. As whatever goes onto our skin goes into our system, body products are where we need to be the most careful about whats really in these products we use daily. This article discusses hair dyes, hair straighteners and what products like these are actually doing to you in an easy to understand and informative way. It also gives a reminder about how long makeup keeps for. Oops, I'm guilty of using year old mascara!  :)

candle sale
Gorgeous natural soy candles on sale!!!
For the month of May in honour of Mothers Day we are having a massive sale on your favourite home care products. Soy candles are at a ridiculously low price at only $12 each or get two for $20. Thats one to keep and give to Mum as a gift. I have these available in Oregon Dreams blend, Tranquillity (perfect to burn in the evening to relax and wind down) and Awaken (burn in the morning to help you wake up with its citrus zingy scent).

Also on sale this month are natural reed diffusers also for only $12 each or two for $20. Available scents in diffusers include: Bamboo and Green Tea, Sweet Vanilla Bean and Fresh Linen.

Finally, for all orders over $25 for the month of May, you will receive a complimentary 10ml Bath/Burning Oil in your choice of Rekindled Spirit, Awaken or Oregon Dreams.
And as always, any orders over $60 have free shipping within New Zealand.
*Sorry this offer is not available to retailers and does not include customised aromatherapy orders. Offer expires 31 May or while stocks last.

Want to try a new signature scent but don't know where to start?
Some of you have told me that you love my scents but not sure how to choose the one that is right for you. As scents are so personal, this is a tricky dilemma, especially as they still have not yet invented smell-a-internet yet. One way to help you decide which fragrances you may enjoy is by visiting our Fragrance Wheel. Remember that scents are classified on the Fragrance Wheel by main fragrance families and subgroups based on dominant notes. For example, I love my Awaken blend of lively citrus scents. Looking at the Fragrance Wheel I look around the other categories to see what scents are near or sometimes opposite this scent group to see other scents I may enjoy. This Wheel as well as the Scent Blends page with descriptions, may help you decide. And of course, I'm happy to send free scent samples anytime so please let me know. Also, if you are interested in customised aromatherapy, remember you may hover your cursor over the essential oil name on the Customised Aromatherapy page to get a description and therapeutic value of each oil as well as suggestions on other essential oils to blend with. Do contact me, I love customised blending!  

Aromatherapy Spotlight:  Baby Massage Oils

baby massage

Many baby oils I've seen on the market still contain mineral oil (think Johnson and Johnsons Baby Oil). Mineral oil is not kind to baby's skin as it coats the skin in like plastic wrap, not allowing air to get through to sensitive pores to help naturally release toxins. I've also heard that mineral oils can also block certain vitamins as it blocks absorption as mineral oil is processed by the liver. Yikes!  A far safer option is to use natural vegetable or nut-based oil for bubs. You can use plain old olive oil safely on newborn skin but why not go for a few baby-friendly essential oils as well?  

Our Sweet Baby Massage oil has been reformulated with lavender and roman chamomile essential oils within a sweet almond base. This beautiful blend is so versatile. We put a few drops in the baby bath at night followed by a massage and Aurora loves it, she goes to sleep so peacefully. We love inhaling it ourselves at the end of a long day. I also use the oil as a nappy rash preventer and she's not yet had a nappy rash. This baby oil can also be used to relieve cradle cap as well as just making your baby smell oh so good.

Some of my new mom friends who I've shared this massage oil with can attest to the quality of this oil and it feels great knowing it is safe for all babies..

As always, I welcome your questions, comments and feedback so feel free to contact me anytime. Enjoy your Mother's Day and make the most of the calm weather before winter arrives.

Peace, Darcy

Creative Director, Owner & Operator, Scents of Peace