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Aurora Feb 2012

Aurora Ellen Liddell, our tiny miracle

Hello, friends! I hope this newsletter finds all of you happy and well.  Thank you for your patience and understanding while we were closed the last few months over the holidays and during the birth of our daughter, Aurora.  After an early and bit bumpy start to this world (she weighed only 1600 grams (~3.5 lbs)) our tiny angel is now thriving since being back on the West Coast.  Now, at 12 weeks she is nearly 8 pounds! Both Drew and I are besotted with her and feel so blessed to have her in our lives.   Thank you so much for all of you who sent congratulations and words of encouragement for us. 

cleaning products
Chemical-free Household Cleaning
Many of you are aware of the toxic chemicals that can be found in common cleaning products that are readily available at our supermarkets.  A quick look at the ingredients (if they are even listed) will have names of chemicals which are hardly pronounceable let alone safe to use in your home, especially for small children and beloved pets.  An excellent article from the UK which highlights this danger can be found here.   Of course we still want a hygienic home without introducing damaging chemicals to achieve this so why not create your own multipurpose cleaner?  Simply fill a dark coloured spray bottle (reuse a cleaned Scents of Peace blue glass spray bottle for this) with 100 mls of boiled water, add 15 drops of lavender essential oil and 15 drops of tea tree essential oil and shake to mix.  Spray on counter tops, toilet seats, sinks etc. and wipe.  Also can be sprayed as a room spray to get rid of bacteria in rooms especially where people have been sick.  This spray can be used around the rubbish bin, sink, nappy buckets, and so on without wiping off. Store in a dark cupboard away from sunlight.  This is such a versatile cleaner and so easy and economical to make yourself.  It also leaves your home smelling beautiful!

Oregon Dreams organic lotion
Organic Body Lotion on Sale for March
For the month of March, we are having a sale on our Organic Body Lotions. Normally $24 now only $18 each!!*
(Available in Pink Peppermint, Sweet Vanilla Bean or Oregon Dreams scents only)    
*Sorry this offer is not available to retailers and does not include customised aromatherapy orders.   Offer expires 31 March or while stocks last. 

Essential Oil Spotlight:  Patchouli
The quintessential scent of the 60's and 70's, patchouli is a deep earthy, musky-sweet scented oil. The patchouli plant is native to Malaysia and India and its young leaves are dried and fermented prior to steam distillation to extract the oil.  Excellent for treating anxiety and depression, patchouli has superb diuretic properties that help to break down cellulite whilst stimulating skin cell regeneration.  This helps to speed up healing and prevent scars from forming on the skin.  The colour of patchouli is yellow to dark brown and is a thick oil.  You may purchase 10ml of pure Patchouli essential oil (botanical name pogostemon cablin) which can be used diluted in water for your diffuser or added to bath water for $14.  Email me to purchase this as it is not a standard product we normally sell.

As always, I welcome your questions, comments and feedback so feel free to contact me anytime.  Enjoy the end of summer's warm weather and be kind to one another. 

Peace, Darcy
Creative Director, Owner & Operator, Scents of Peace