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Hello, friends! I hope this finds you happy and healthy. Welcome to the August edition of our newsletter. This year is passing quickly and I'm pleased winter is nearly finished and so we can start looking forward to spring and her beautiful blossoms. I noticed my first daffodil over the weekend so can attest it is on the way!

We Are Expanding
As the seasons change, so do significant milestones in our lives. I'm excited to share with you our personal happy news, we are expecting!  I'm 18 weeks pregnant, nearly half way through the journey. As you can guess, I'm already investigating a natural / eco-baby aromatherapy line to add to our product line up so watch this space. I've created and been using a gorgeous scented natural anti-stretch mark body oil recipe that has been helping with nausea as well as keeping my skin supple. It has mandarin, neroli and lavender essential oils and is packed with vitamin E. I'll test this out on myself and if it's the miracle product I hope it is, I'll be adding this to our line. Either way, it smells divine and makes me feel gorgeous. For you experienced Moms out there, I'm keen to find out what good advice you can share with a first time mom. Any advice you wish you were given? Contact me, I'd love to hear from you.

New Fragrance Spotlight: Tea Leaf and Jasmine
This is a beautifully soft combination of light woodsy and fresh green notes. It is a versatile fragrance, which I love for both a Body Spray and in a Room Diffuser. We are offering limited time specials for you to try out this new scent (see Specials below). Remember, I can send you free a scent sample within NZ at your request.

August Specials
Our Bamboo Reed Diffusers continue to be one of our most popular product.
For those of you who have not yet tried these, we are offering the following diffuser scent blends at
15% off the regular price, at only $15 each!*

Available blends at this price include:  Tea Leaf & Jasmine (new scent), Bamboo & Green Tea, and Clean Linen.   
To take advantage of this offer, add "August special" in the additional information/special requirements line of the order page.
*Sorry this offer is not available to retailers and does not include shipping costs. Offer expires 31 August.

Pink grapefruit
Grapefruit Essential Oil for Weight Loss?
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A friend recently asked me about using Grapefruit essential oil as an aid to weight loss. You may have heard Grapefruit essential oil associated with weight loss from celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez who carries the oil with her and inhales from it to curb food cravings. Although there is no scientific evidence of there being a link between hunger and the smell of grapefruit oil, pink grapefruit is an antidepressant and mood elevator, thereby increasing self confidence which may explain this connection a bit better. Also, when applied topically in creams and oils, pink grapefruit works on the lymphatic system helping to break down of unwanted toxic substances and stimulating skin cells. Pink grapefruit essential oil is my personal favourite of all essential oils and I carry it around with me all the time for an uplifting and energising pick-me-up when needed.    

Everyday Aromatherapy Tip:  Aromatherapy while doing the dishes?
All essential oils are antibacterial and antiviral which will naturally help eliminate germs and bacteria from your home.   I love to add 2-4 drops of any citrus essential oil (try orange, lemon or bergamot) to soapy dish water prior to washing dishes. Not only are you ensuring your dishes will be free of bacteria naturally but also as you inhale, the warm water releases the essential oil into the air you breathe. Relaxing while you do the dishes is a winner for me. Multitasking at its best!

I look forward to hearing from each of you and wish you a peaceful upcoming spring. Till next time...

Peace, Darcy x
Creative Director, Owner & Operator, Scents of Peace