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Autumn fairy
Autumn Nymph, by Hannah Ruth,
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Hello, friends! Its that time of year again - the transition to a new season. The leaves are starting to change colour, mornings are colder and the sun is setting earlier, its officially autumn in New Zealand.    I came across this gorgeous drawing (above) and wanted to share this with you. The drawing reminds me of the Scents of Peace logo and the feeling of contentment, beauty and spiritual elevation that it portrays. The Autumn Nymph is quite fitting for this autumn edition of the newsletter.

Change in Season, Change in Skin Needs
The change in season should also be a reminder to revamp your skin care regime. With the cooler weather, we are more likely to be indoors more often where there is less moisture in the air. This can affect your skin, particularly if tends to be dry. Moisturize, moisturize moisturize is the answer for all of our skin types in this cooler climate.    Find a facial moisturizer that works for your particular skin type (oily, dry or combination) and apply after your morning shower to help seal in moisturize and apply again at night before going to bed.   Try to limit your time in the shower and be sure not to have your shower temperature too hot as this also will strip moisture from your skin. Don't neglect the rest of your body and be sure to use a high-quality all over body lotion to protect your skin.

RosehipsRosehip Seed Oil
If you read my recent FaceBook post, you'll know about my new love of Rosehip seed oil. Extracted from the seeds contained in the richly red coloured, berry-like fruits (hips) of the wild rose bush that grows in cool, rainy climates in countries such as Chile, Europe, Asia and North Africa, this oil has grown in popularity recently and I can attest as to why this is so. The therapeutic properties of this supreme oil has gained scientific validation proving it has a high count of essential fatty acids, and is packed with both vitamins C and vitamin A, a natural retinol. Retinol encourages cell regeneration and promotes the production of collagen to help prevent the sign of ageing.   A natural wrinkle defender, Rosehip seed oil can be used to help improve appearance of scars and reduce signs of aging or sun exposure such as fine lines.

 For over a month now, I have been regularly using pure Rosehip seed oil as a night-time moisturising facial oil and already have seen an improvement in the texture and colour in my skin.   Plus, it feels incredibly luxurious! Although an oil, it is not greasy and easily penetrates the skin. After cleansing my face as normal, I apply about three to four drops of Rosehip seed oil onto my face. I recommend taking the time, at least 30 seconds, to massage the oil into your skin, delicately around the eyes, which helps to increase circulation. Again, you will love how this feels on your skin and will enjoy treating yourself to a mini facial each night.
Tip: Keep Rosehip seed oil in the refrigerator to prolong shelf life. You should be able to purchase Rosehip seed oil at most natural health stores. Contact me if you can't find any suppliers in your area and I can hook you up.

Mother's Day Specials:
Treat Mum (or yourself!) and take advantage of these bargains on some of our favourite products:
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*Organic Body Lotion special applies to Coconut Lime Verbena or Sweet Vanilla Bean scents only
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Everyday Aromatherapy Tip: Get rid of an itchy scalp naturally

Has the cause of your itchy scalp - be it hard water, shampoos that contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulphates) or the cooler weather - got you scratching your head? Many people experience scalp dryness periodically for different reasons both internal and environmental. However, here is an easy and inexpensive remedy to cure itchy scalp. Add 5-8 drops of pure Rosemary essential oil to a natural shampoo and shake to combine. Shampoo your hair, making sure to massage the scalp area with your fingertips and leave for up to two minutes. Rinse thoroughly and repeat at least three times per week to attain best results.
Purchase pure Rosemary essential oil for only $13.00 for 10ml bottle.

Scent Preferences Change Over Time
Are you aware that similar to our taste buds, our preferences for certain scents, especially those we wear, change over time? Are you in need of a new signature scent but don't know where to start? Let us help! First, have a look at the Scents of Peace Fragrance Wheel and find the the scent family you normally perfer. You can stay within the same scent family and choose a new fragrance with slightly different notes for a subtle change or you can really shake things up by looking across the scent wheel at the opposite fragrance family. For example, if like me you are a classic, citrus fan, why not be bold and try a fragrance from the Oriental family? Second, be sure to browse through our Scents Blend page for a description on our exclusive scents to find the new scent for you. I love customising fragrances so please contact me with questions or advice and remember you can always request a free sample of our scents.

I hope this newsletter finds each of you happy and well. Till next time...

Peace, Darcy x
Creative Director, Owner & Operator, Scents of Peace