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spring blossom

Glorious Spring!

Hello, friends! Spring is upon us at long last.  How glorious it is here in Central Otago with the cherry blossom trees springing up beautiful pink and white flowers everywhere.  After a restful winter and a fantastic trip to visit my family in the States, I am now getting ready for a jam packed spring and summer market season for Scents of Peace.  The first this season is the Alexandra Blossom Festival this Saturday which is meant to be a gorgeous day so be sure to pop over and visit us.  After this weekend, mark your calendars to come to Wanaka for Labour Day weekend.  I'll be at Wanakafest for two days, 23-24 October. 

Tell Your Friends: Aromatherapy is not a Glade Candle!
You may have seen the Glade candle commercials recently on television.  Its disheartening to see that the large multimillion dollar company is able to blatantly misinform people about its products.  Remember that essential oils, as natural products, cannot be trade marked by companies.  When Glade states that their candle is "infused with essential oils" there may well be a very very small percentage of essential oils in their finished product.  However, any therapeutic property of an essential oil is eradicated by the presence of countless other (potentially harmful) synthetic ingredients such as dyes and stabilisers added not to mention the toxic paraffin candle wax itself.  So please keep in mind to have a close look at the full ingredients in any product you introduce to your home.  Furthermore, and this is what I yell at the tv when the commercial is on, there is no such essential oil as baked apple pie!!  Get it straight, Glade! 

Everyday Aromatherapy Tip: 

Add 2 to 3 drops of Lemongrass essential oil to trainers and shoes to neutralise strong odours.

New Names...Same Beautiful Scents
We have recently updated the names of a few of our exclusive scent blends within our range.  We hope that you agree the new names reflect each of the blends' unique characteristics.  See  Scent Blends for the updated list and please send in your comments. 

Scent of the Season...In Bloom
In honour of spring, this season's scent is In Bloom, a beautiful blend of Pink Grapefruit and Ylang-ylang essential oils.  The detoxification properties of sweet Pink Grapefruit is delicately balanced with the calmative properties of floral Ylang-ylang.  You'll love this scent in a Body Spray this season.  

I hope to see you all this weekend at the Blossom Festival.  Enjoy spring and the sunshine.  As always, wishing each of you peace, light and love.

Darcy x
Creative Director, Scents of Peace