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Pink flowerWelcome

I hope this newsletter finds you all healthy, happy and well. Its mid-March already and for us, 2010 has been off to a whizz and a loud bang already! We've been attending some excellent festival and markets these last few months. Notably was the DesigNZ in the GardeNZ in Tapanui, South Island over Waitangi weekend. It was an awesome two day event with stunning sunny, warm weather and a very happy crowd. The incredible environment in which we were able to set up in at the glorious gardens of local farming family, John and Lorraine Byars added to this successful weekend. The event was a fund raiser for the West Otago Medical Centre and very well organised. Participants were given a map of the beautiful home gardens and hand crafted arts to visit. They were able to enjoy their day, taking the time to stroll and browse the different gardens each with a unique theme. Due to the extreme high temperature on the Saturday, our Lavender Facial Spray was the most popular selling item. Everyone that stopped by got to cool and refresh their senses with a soothing spritz! I really enjoyed meeting the locals and fellow artists over the weekend.

I'm also excited to announce that you can now find the Scents of Peace product line at two boutique shops in New Zealand. House of Creations, owned by the lovely Kathy Brown and Jill Harper, is in Whitianga, North Island. If you are in the South Island, be sure to visit Trishia at Chisel Cafe and Gym in Tapanui, for her excellent coffee and get some Scents of Peace while you are there. For those of you that live outside these areas, remember you can always contact me for a sample scent of our exclusive scent blends for only .50 cents to cover the cost of postage.

lavender essential oilFive Essential Oils for Every Home

Of the many essential oils available, there are at least five that I believe should be found in every home. Read this article I've created to learn more. You can now purchase pure, therapeutic grade essential oils directly through us in 10ml sizes, perfect for keeping in your purse, cleaning cupboard and medicine cabinet. Contact me for more information on ordering essential oils.

Scents Of Peace Fragrance Wheel

I've also been working on new ways to help you discover your favourite scents. Adapted from the perfume industry's "Edwards Perfume Wheel", I've created this drawing to classify fragrances and show the relationships between the four main fragrance families (Floral, Earthy, Oriental, and Citrus). Select the family to which your favourite fragrance belong and view the corresponding Scents of Peace blends you may like. You will see the relationships are in a circle indicating how scents can blend from one family to the next. I hope this is a useful in learning more about your personal scent preferences.

Everyday Aromatherapy Tip:

Place three drops of your favourite essential oil onto tea bags
and nestle these into your dresser drawer to infuse your clothes with a natural subtle fragrance.

Fresh From the Lab

We are pleased to add Reed Diffusers to our line of Home Pleasures products. These are decorative air fresheners and air purifiers that work with essential oils and natural bamboo reeds. The oil travels up the reeds to release fragrance into your home. There is no need for energy consuming, chemical-filled "plug ins" to add fill your home with fragrance. Plus, the Reed Diffusers are safer than candles as there is no flame to attend to. I've placed a few of these around my home containing different scent blends to evoke a specific ambiance for each room. I have a soothing blend of Rose and Ylang-Ylang in the bedroom, subtle Clean Linen blend for the living room, and cleansing Citrus Basil blend in the bathroom. They are very low maintenance too. About once per week you need to turn the reeds over so that the other end wicks up the oil to freshen the scent throw. Easy aromatherapy! Photos and ordering information coming soon.

Debunking the Debunkers

Finally, I've come across this article by eco-scientist Eric Cech that I wanted to share with you. The author has a great way of 'giving it back' to conventional medicine practioners about the efficacy of aromatherapy. Please help spread the knowledge about aromatherapy and pass this article on.

Please drop me a line if you would like to share some information or have any questions I can help address. I'd love to hear from you.
Until next time, I wish you all peace.

Darcy x
Creative Director, Scents of Peace