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Welcome Winter

Hello, friends! Its hard to believe that we are already in June and halfway through 2010! Winter has well and truly arrived here in the South Island of New Zealand. The shortest day and longest night, 21st of June is fast approaching. Colder temperatures outside means staying inside with artificial heat sources which are low in humidity. This time of the year can wreak havoc on our skin due to the depletion of moisture in our body. Keep in mind too that many name brand lotions and body washes actually contain chemicals which dry the skin even more. Avoid products containing ingredients such as "polyethylene glycol" or "sodium laurl/laureth sulphates" as these will actually strip the body's own natural oils. Which is why this is the perfect time of the year to remind you to adjust your skin care routine to avoid this from happening this winter. Personally, I'm a fan of Body Oils to replenish moisture loss. After the shower or bath, while my skin is still damp I apply Natural Body Oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E to deliver superb moisturising properties. This not only leaves my skin hydrated and heavenly scented, but the action of the pure essential oils are also going to work in my system. In fact, just the application by massaging Body Oil into the skin helps to increase circulation and release toxins from the body.

Replenish moisture in your body from the inside as well by drinking lots of fluids. Herbal teas or hot water with lemon and honey are excellent drinks during winter as they hydrate you and also help boost your immune system at the same time.

Everyday Aromatherapy Tip:

Beat the onset of a migraine by inhaling pure Peppermint essential oil directly from the bottle.

Close your eyes, inhale deeply through your nose, exhale through your mouth, and repeat until symptoms ease.

This method using Peppermint also works well to treat feelings of nausea.

Fresh From the Lab

Darcy in the lab I've been busy blending a few new scents to add to our Scent Blend range. We now offer Sweet Vanilla Bean, the creamy and comforting scent of vanilla you know and love is now available. Also new is Heaven Scent, an unusual blend of soft florals with more masculine musk notes. This sultry scent is a favourite for both men and women to wear. And, although not new scent, I've recently fell in love all over again with Elevation, a perfect winter pick-me-up. This uplifting blend of Lemongrass, Neroli, Jasmine & Bergamot essential oils will help to revive you and combat seasonal tiredness. The inhalation of this blend also helps to boost the immune system with its antibacterial and antiviral action of the essential oils.

Our newest product, Bamboo Reed Diffusers, have proven extremely popular. These involve essential or fragrance oils which travel up the bamboo reeds and permeate a gorgeous fragrance into your home. Bamboo Diffuser Reeds will add ambiance to your home or office and they also make a lovely housewarming gifts.

Toxic Ingredients in Your Skin Care Products

Finally, I'd like to share this easy to read and short article by Healthy Guidance on the toxic chemicals to avoid in your cosmetic and skin care items. Please pass this list on to your friends and family for their own safety and help spread the word.

Scents of Peace will be closed from 26 June - 7 August

I will be away overseas to a much needed visit to my family in America in a few weeks for all of July and the beginning of August. Therefore I will be unable to create or process orders during this time. If you'd like to place an order within the next two weeks, please do so no later than the 25 June. I will be on the beaches of sunny Florida (yeah!) and will be out of contact for most of my time away. However business will resume on the 7 of August as normal.

As always, I'd love to hear from you. so drop me a line. Until next time, I wish you all peace.

Creative Director, Scents of Peace

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